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Commodore A600/A600HD non transparent keyboard stickers

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High-quality stickers for Commodore A600/A600HD

The symbols for Commodore Amiga 600 is spread onto non-transparent - matt sticker.

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Stickers are made of high-quality non-transparent black - matt vinyl, thickness - 80mkn, typographical method.
Applying stickers on you keyboard properly once, and you can be aware that letters will stay for ever.

Matt hue of the stickers guarantees complete absence of glare under different angels of lighting.

Commodore Amiga 600, one of many computers Commodore sold in its "Amiga" personal computer line. The Amigas boasted high end graphics and animation capabilities, good sound (later this combination would be called "Multimedia"), a fast and efficient multitasking operating system (long before Windows or MacOS could do proper multitasking) and a very high overall system flexibility with plug & play capability when PC users still had to fiddle around with IRQ jumpers and XMS and EMS memory drivers.

You do not have to think how to apply Stickers. You'll know it intuitively. Applying possess doesn't take more than 10-15min. And you can immediately enjoy your brand-new Commodore Amiga 600 keyboard.


What you're offered now is high-quality stickers, intended to simplify you work and enjoy it while doing it on computer.


Discover the World of perfection and simplicity with our Product.


Application of stickers.

You may find the following instructions very useful before applying stickers on you keyboard/laptop:

  • Clean your existing keyboard/laptop keys thoroughly before applying stickers.
  • Application keyboard stickers

  • Follow the corresponding letter of English alphabet printed in smaller size, underneath each character.
  • Application keyboard stickers

  • It is proven to be easier to apply stickers by previously cutting/banding them by rows.
  • Application keyboard stickers

  • Use tweezers to hold each sticker, and then, place it upon the correct key.
  • Application keyboard stickers

  • Then press that key down with your finger so the sticker remains in place.
  • Application keyboard stickers

    Application keyboard stickers

    Application keyboard stickers

We hope you will found these instructions helpful. If not, do not hesitate contact us with any of your questions/concerns at any time.

Size Metric Imperial
11x13 11.5 13mm 7/16” 1/2”
12x12 12mm 12mm 15/32” 15/32”
14x14 14mm 14mm 9/16” 9/16”
15x15 15.5mm 15.5mm 39/64” 39/64”



14.7mm 14.3mm 37/64” 9/16”
size image
  • Weight 0.1


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