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  • Apple (Mac)

    Keyboard stickers for Apple layout

  • Windows (PC)

    Keyboard stickers for PC layout

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    Learning stickers

  • Notebook

    Keyboard stickers for Notebook layout

  • Replacement

    The alphabets on the keyboard get wiped off partially or completely, slowly with the passing time or sometimes early if they are used a lot. This makes it difficult for the users to type correctly using such keyboards. This is where the replacement stickers can be of great help, in fact, it won’t be wrong to call them as the best solution for this problem. Each set contains all the standard keys whether alphabetical, numerical, functional, etc., as per the Standard English US keyboard design. These replacement stickers can be used on all the models of keyboards which are used with the Desktops, Laptops and Notebook.

  • Glowing

    Glowing Keyboard stickers

  • Editing

    Editing keyboard stickers

  • Dvorak

    Based on the Dvorak’s study of letter frequencies and the physiology of people’s hands, the most common letters and digraphs should be on the home row, the least common letters should be on the bottom row and stroking should generally move from the edges of the board to the middle. The Dvorak keyboard layout became easier to access in the computer age. Dvorak Keyboard Stickers are a great, inexpensive solution for any Dvorak typist out there. It's very hard to find Dvorak keyboards, so these stickers are certainly a very economical alternative. So start learning Dvorak in an easy and simplified way.

  • Large Lettering

    Large Lettering keyboard stickers

  • Blank stickers

    Blank stickers


    Commodore keyboard stickers are non-transparent and high quality and they come with C 64 graphic symbols. The Commodore keyboard stickers are available in different varieties which can be used for keyboards of various models like the Commodore 64, Commodore A500/A1200/A1200HD, A600/A600HD, Sinclair ZX Spectrum and Atari. The Commodore keyboard stickers make it easy for the users to work as it is almost impossible to work without making mistakes when the letters on the keyboard get wiped off partially or completely. Each set of Commodore keyboard stickers contains letters as per the standard Commodore keyboard design and they last for a long time.

  • Function Keys

    The function keys are also of great use while working on computer as they regulate various functions especially for those who like to work quickly with the minimum use of mouse. It’s almost impossible to remember which function key serves what purpose without looking at the symbol printed on the function key. So it is very difficult to use these function keys if they wipe out and it is here, the function stickers can be of great help. These function keys can be used on various models of keyboards and they are applicable on desktops, laptops and also Mac keyboard function keys.

  • Boot Camp

    Boot Camp Keyboard Stickers

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    Gift stickers

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