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  • Arabic

    A large lettered keyboard that enables you to type in Arabic and is helpful to a lot many people ranging from beginners to professionals in Arab. It consists of a lot of features that helps you to enhance your skill in Arabic language. The Arabic Keyboard consists of all combinations of Arabic letters that helps you to type out letters, documents, emails and messages. The voice typing feature lets you record and displays your message in Arabic helping you to save time. All you need to do is, just change your input language in “Settings” to Arabic and you are all set.

  • Danish

    Danish LARGE LETTERING keyboard sticker

  • English UK

    English UK Large Lettering keyboard sticker

  • English US

    English US LARGE LETTERING Keyboard Stickers

  • Finnish

    Finnish keyboard sticker

  • French AZERTY

    French AZERTY LARGE LETTERING Keyboard Stickers

  • German

    German LARGE LETTERING keyboard sticker

  • Greek

    Greek keyboard sticker

  • Hebrew

    Hebrew LARGE LETTERING keyboard sticker

  • Italian

    Italian Large Lettering keyboard sticker

  • Korean

    No need to copy and paste Korean text anymore. With the help of the Korean Keypad, you can easily write the Korean language in very simple and fast way. You can even compose emails, post on social networks and chat with your friends through Korean Keypad. 

    It is specially designed for those who love writing in their native language. You can type all Korean Alphabets, letters and words. Not just the vowels and consonants, but it also lets you to use Diphthongs. Korean Keyboard is a great tool to try out and is useful for Korean speaking peoples around the world.

  • Norwegian

    Norwegian keyboard sticker

  • Portuguese Brazilian

    Portuguese Brazilian keyboard sticker

  • Portuguese

    Portuguese keyboard sticker

  • Russian

    The stickers for the Russian Keyboard are in Russian language and large lettered. They are compatible with the keyboards of notebook, desktop and laptops. These Russian keyboard stickers are of very good quality and non-transparent and are of great help for the users whose majority of the work is done on the computers. These Russian keyboard sticker sets contain all the key stickers as per the standard Russian keyboard layout and they are very durable as well. With the help of these Russian keyboard stickers, the users are able to do their work easily and without making mistakes as they are able to see correct letters on the keyboard.

  • Spanish

    Spanish keyboard sticker

  • Spanish Latin American

    Spanish Latin American keyboard sticker

  • Swedish

    Swedish keyboard sticker

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