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Programmer Dvorak non-transparent keyboard stickers

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The Programmer Dvorak keyboard stickers can easily transform your standard keyboard into a customised one within minutes, depending on your own need and preference.

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Programmer Dvorak keyboard stickers are ideal for all users- for beginners as well as professionals.
By applying them on your standard keyboard you immediately start working with Programmer Dvorak layout.

The Programmer Dvorak layout is spread onto non-transparent (white or black) - matte sticker.

Stickers are made of high-quality transparent - matte vinyl, thickness - 80mkn.

Programmer Dvorak is a keyboard layout developed by electronics engineer Roland Kaufmann and targeted towards people writing in one of source codes for C, Java, Pascal, LISP, CSS and XML. The layout is based on the Dvorak Simplified Keyboard, with several enhancements intended to make typing more efficient for programmers.
While the alphabetic keys are placed as ones on simplified Dvorak layout, the rest characters are changed. The most noticeable difference is that the top row is dedicated to brackets and other operational characters, and the numeric row must be accessed by using the shift key.

The Programmer Dvorak layout stickers are intended to simplify your job, make communication process even more satisfying and ultimately less time consuming.

Discover the World of perfection and simplicity with our Product.


Application of stickers.

You may find the following instructions very useful before applying stickers on you keyboard/laptop:

  • Clean your existing keyboard/laptop keys thoroughly before applying stickers.
  • Application keyboard stickers

  • Follow the corresponding letter of English alphabet printed in smaller size, underneath each character.
  • Application keyboard stickers

  • It is proven to be easier to apply stickers by previously cutting/banding them by rows.
  • Application keyboard stickers

  • Use tweezers to hold each sticker, and then, place it upon the correct key.
  • Application keyboard stickers

  • Then press that key down with your finger so the sticker remains in place.
  • Application keyboard stickers

    Application keyboard stickers

    Application keyboard stickers

We hope you will found these instructions helpful. If not, do not hesitate contact us with any of your questions/concerns at any time.

Size Metric Imperial
11x13 11.5 13mm 7/16” 1/2”
12x12 12mm 12mm 15/32” 15/32”
14x14 14mm 14mm 9/16” 9/16”
15x15 15.5mm 15.5mm 39/64” 39/64”



14.7mm 14.3mm 37/64” 9/16”
size image
  • Weight 0.1

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