• English US Large Lettering (Lower case) keyboard stickers
  • English US Large Lettering (Lower case) keyboard stickers

English US Large Lettering (Lower case) keyboard stickers


High-quality stickers for variety of keyboards Desktop, Laptop and Notebook such as: Sony, Toshiba, HP, Dell, Compaq, Panasonic, Acer, Gateway, Sharp, eMachines, Ashton Digital's Passport, Averatec, Systemax, IBM, Lenovo, NEC, Alienware, AST, Asus, Samsung, Cybertron, Apple, Macintosh Computers, Power Mac, Apple iBook, Apple PowerBook, Apple iMac ... etc.

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The English US LARGE LETTERING Stickers are made of high-quality non-transparent - matte vinyl, thickness - 80mkn, typographical method. Each sheet of stickers is completely laminated, thus, all characters stay underneath film, which ultimately makes stickers even more durable.

LARGE LETTERING Keyboard Stickers designed with care for people.

LARGE LETTERING Keyboard Stickers designed to be used by children and their parents who want their young explorers to learn more and faster, people with poor vision, having difficulties reading small letters and others with certain health conditions.

LARGE LETTERING Keyboard Stickers are widely used at schools, libraries, long term care facilities as well as at special need departments and organizations.


  • Ideal for any age group
  • People who have hard time seeing standard keyboard characters
  • Easy to see even in poor lighting
  • Recognized and approved by ophthalmologist and therapists all over the world


The application process is very simple as well as straight forward. The application of Large Lettering Keyboard stickers doesn't take more than 10-15min. And you can immediately enjoy your brand-new English US LARGE LETTERING keyboard.


The Large Lettering Keyboard stickers are intended to simplify your job, make communication even more satisfying as well as less time consuming while doing it on computer.


Discover the World of perfection and simplicity with our Product.


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Specific References

Size Metric Imperial
11x13 11.5 13mm 7/16” 1/2” size image
12x12 12mm 12mm 15/32” 15/32”
14x14 14mm 14mm 9/16” 9/16”
15x15 15.5mm 15.5mm 39/64” 39/64”
Apple Size
14.7mm 14.3mm 37/64” 9/16”

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