• Svorak transparent keyboard  stickers
  • Svorak transparent keyboard  stickers
  • Svorak transparent keyboard  stickers
  • Svorak transparent keyboard  stickers

Svorak transparent keyboard stickers


The Svorak keyboard stickers can easily transform your standard keyboard into a customised one within minutes, depending on your own need and preference.
Due to the Svorak keyboard stickers are ideal for all users, for beginners and professionals.
By applying them on your standard keyboard you immediately start working with Svorak.

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The Svorak layout is spread onto transparent - matte sticker, with one of the following colours (yellow or blue) which are suitable for all kind of keyboards, no matter what colour and hue they are.

Stickers are made of high-quality transparent - matte vinyl, thickness - 80mkn, typographical method.
Applying stickers on you keyboard properly once, and you can be aware that letters will stay for ever.

Svorak is a Swedish version of the Dvorak keyboard layout.
The Svorak layout places the three extra Swedish vowels (Å, Ä and Ö) on the leftmost three keys of the upper row, which correspond to punctuation symbols on the English Dvorak layout. This retains the original English DVORAK design goal of keeping all vowels by the left hand, including Y which is a vowel in Swedish.
The displaced punctuation symbols (period and comma) end up at the edges of the keyboard, but every other symbol is in the same place as in the standard Swedish QWERTY layout, facilitating easier re-learning. This major design goal also makes it possible to "convert" a Swedish QWERTY keyboard to SVORAK simply by moving keycaps around.

Svorak studied letter frequencies and the physiology of people's hands and created a layout to adhere to these principles:

  • It is easier to type letters alternating between hands.
  • For maximum speed and efficiency, the most common letters and digraphs should be the easiest to type. This means that they should be on the home row, which is where the fingers rest, and under the strongest fingers.
  • Likewise, the least common letters should be on the bottom row, which is the hardest row to reach.
  • The right hand should do more of the typing, because most people are right-handed.
  • It is more difficult to type digraphs with adjacent fingers than non-adjacent fingers.
  • Stroking should generally move from the edges of the board to the middle. An observation of this principle is that, for many people, when tapping fingers on a table, it is easier going from little finger to index than vice versa. This motion on a keyboard is called inboard stroke flow.

The Svorak keyboard layout became easier to access in the computer age. Currently, all major Operating Systems (such as Apple OS X, Microsoft Windows, GNU/Linux and BSD) ship with Dvorak keyboard layout in addition to the standard QWERTY layout. So far, DSK has failed to displace the QWERTY standard.

What you're offered now is high-quality stickers, intended to simplify you work and enjoy it while doing it on computer.

Discover the World of perfection and simplicity with our Product.


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